First flagship Red Box Vape Stores in Nottingham and Manchester

Iconic British branding to reflect return to good old customer service excellence

Franchise operations available

Welcome to Red Box Liquids

Red Box Liquids is a new premium vape brand that is set to become a familiar name online and in high streets across the UK through its Red Box Vape and retail arms. 

Why Red Box?

Well, the company set out a plan to bring a vape brand to the high street that was quintessentially British in terms of style and customer service. It also wanted an outlet to sell Red Liquids, its own UK-manufactured, specially formulated brand of e-liquids. As a result, the company secured a large number of iconic red telephone boxes in major city centre locations, with the intention that these would initially be turned into vape “kiosks”.

But the team soon realised that the retail vape market had a much larger gap in it than was first anticipated. Their research uncovered a distinct lack of quality among many rivals on the high street. Too many stores appeared dark and intimidating, too heavily focused on younger vapers, and many not offering anything like the level of customer service excellence that Red Box was determined to provide.

So, two flagship stores, in Nottingham and Manchester, were quickly secured, with plans to expand a network across the UK, partly through a franchise system.

Red Box is partnered with an established, licensed manufacturer of liquids, which sold over 20 million bottles of e-liquids last year and whose customers include ASDA and Eurogarages. 

We have put our heads together to come up with a unique range of flavours for Red Liquids, which will complement the other premium brands we are selling, including E-Fizz, Vice Vapour and Tornado. 

Why vape with Red Box?

Due to significant research by leading cancer charities over the last two years, and with increasing numbers of smokers seeking a healthier alternative, the UK vape industry has seen huge growth recently. This is fuelled in part by an active campaign by Cancer Research UK, which claims that vaping is 97% better for your health than smoking and that nicotine does not cause cancer. Public Health England has similarly claimed that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking tobacco.

Vaping has become the primary avenue for many NHS practitioners when recommending quitting options for smokers, and is now supported by an NHS voucher system, encouraging smokers to move to vaping as a healthier alternative in their efforts to stop smoking. 

The team at Red Box is passionate about smoking prevention. Too many of our friends and family have succumbed to cancer-related illnesses, and we’d dearly love smokers to explore all alternative options to help make the UK become a much healthier nation.

And we won’t stop banging on until all smokers have got the message! 

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